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Your alter ego thanks you! 
I N D U L G E... 

Indulge your alter ego with our exclusive "Corporate Rave & Revue." A fun filled multimedia dance party. A simple, custom created way to "plug in" any theme or genre.
Through the Corporate Rave & Revue - available only from Events Direct, you can bring the color, excitement, and action of Las Vegas, or any other great entertainment town, to your next event. You can get any kind of act - big or small - for your party, sales rally, product announcement or any other gathering. The biggest acts out there are now available to you. Whether it's rock, jazz, country, R&B, or classical, we'll create an event that marches to your beat.
Too many people in corporate America spend too many hours stuffed into grey suits, working in little grey cubicles illuminated in grey fluorescent light... Then they wonder why the color, creativity and excitement has drained from their lives and jobs. 
What they need is a trip to Vegas or Nashville or New Orleans. But as a meeting planner, what you need is for Vegas, Nashville or New Orleans to come to you. Fortunately, those cities now make road trips - sort of. 
You've heard of the Rave - Those wild dance parties with the latest music and the most outrageous lighting? Well they're not just for kids anymore! With the Corporate Rave & Revue, you can bring that youthful exuberance to your next big company event with music that suits your needs -- be it classic disco, Motown, or rock and roll favorites. 
And if you haven't seen a Revue since the vaudeville days, you're in for a dose of culture shock. Corporate revues can be custom created to fit any theme or genre. And the acts range from music to comedy to dance to full blown Broadway-style stage productions, all geared to communicate your message. For almost 20 years, Events Direct has been staging events, that create memories and motivate employees. When it's your event, you need someone who has done it all before, someone who knows both the technology and the entertainers who can make it all happen. 

We make Corporate Parties into spectacular events that are unforgettable. We cover all the aspects of the event including the catering, decorations, lighting, and live entertainment.

We invite you to let loose and p a r t y -
RAVE style! Check out some theme parties we offer:
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